Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wacom Artpad II

While I was looking for information on Artpad II. I can't remember when I bought it. I looked it up and it was released in 1995. So I may have bought in either 1995 or 1996. It was a bundle with software.

Anyway, I saw something online, that people were asking how to connect artpad II to currently computer or laptop. For my computer, which is Window ME. I have no problem with it. Last year, I got my first laptop which is Window XP but supposed to be Vista (no idea why cuz it was labled). I didn't realized about my artpad. Months after that, I remember it and I was eager to connect artpad to it and found there is no port for it.

Yes. This year I was looking for adapter. I found it on Ebay for cheap because it cost lot at store.

My only suggestion, get that USB to serial adapter with driver disk. Plus download Artpad driver from

I did and it works just fine.

Hint: Once you installed Artpad to one of usb ports. Keep it on same usb every time. So better make a right choice of port. So it would not interence other device like flash driver (I'm talking about space betweent usb(s) that some devices has strange shape or wide shape)

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