Sunday, March 30, 2008

Harry Potter Bonus Paper

I found this paper in my computer. It was supposed to be special gift.
Anyhow, I decided to put it up for a week.
After that, it will be gone.


Disney Princess Pocahontas

Finally the last of the Princess Series...
Hope you like it.

I still have so many things to do.
Until next time.

Password: Mallory

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Charter Communications is stealing...


Since I noticed one channel is gone...


Disney Toon Channel is gone... and other one...

Next was G64 (TechTV) channel is gone...

Now I noticed the next one... The History Channel just disappeared.

Why? You asked.

The only answer is MONEY! They want more money... it is not right for someone like me with fixed income who paid monthly about 60 dollars for few damn channels... mostly are not good. If they keep doing that. I will well not to be their customer in so soon future!

I do considered the cable company is STEALING from us.
It's just my point of view. I am not only person thought of it. They gotta stop this. We paid because we like those channel. Clearly they never thought of it except money!

And one channel I am so sick of commercial of selling tapes of girls who flashed their boobs and stuffs. I do not need to see that. I like to watch TV shows but I noticed every at late night during and after my shows... they repeatedly showed the damn same commercial of that "bad" girls. Ugh!

I pray they wised up before losing not just me but some others too.

I don't know if it happened with other brand of cable company (Comcast, etc).

Actually, my TV is only hook up with cable. I do not HAVE a cable box. That is because it cost extra more. They should not charge much amount for people who do not have cable box. It should cost like $20-$40 for no cable box.... $60 and up for cable box (because it have more channel-- Showtime, HBO, TMC, etc) I have asked some people for their opinion and they did agreed with me about that. Why charge too much for no cable box? Without cable box, it only run from channel 2 to 99 (it is not full 99 channels--it's about 75 channels total). It's illogical.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Scrapbook Magazine

I got this magazine yesterday at Barnes & Noble bookstore. I have tried to find its website but no luck. I have no idea if it does have...

Anyway, this came with CD for PC... Fonts, papers and several programs ready to install and use.

Really, I never hear of Serif DrawPlus before.

I am trying to work on last Princess paper.
Right now I am cold... my apt is bit suck with temperature. I can't think what else to say...

P.S. I got this magazine here in USA. You can try the store like I did --- Barnes & Noble. Also try other bookstore that carry magazines/newspapers from other countries... i.e. Borders.

Friday, March 14, 2008

My Three Brothers

Of course they are my half brothers on my father's side.

This photo of my brother Louie and me few years after the death of our father.

However, I am still looking for them, I do not know where they are right now.

My younger brother's name is Louie Schofield. He also goes by name Louis or Luis. He is one that I know because I slept over many weekends. His mother, Donna is nice person to me. After the death of my father, I didn't see him again until the death of his aunt. I saw in newspaper... came to funeral to find/see him. I found him again at other funeral of his brother in which I called him my step brother Robbie (Robert Schofield). Until the next time, I found him was his car accident. He ended up in hospital with induced coma. I forgot how long but months later he finally got up but end up in wheelchair. He has to learn how to walk again, etc. But the problem was that he was moving around in different rehab center. Now I can't find him because no one contact me back. I contacted many times but no luck.

My other two brothers Joey and Luis Parker. I heard of them but have my first meet at the funeral of my father. That was it. I do like to know them more. I do not have any photos of them at all. Donna once told me they wanted to meet me. After that... like I said before, no contact.

All my brothers at that time of my young age, they were living in Worcester, Mass. I have no idea of their whereabouts after that.

My father died in May 1991.

I am hoping of someone may have know them, please guide them to my blog. Thank you.

This photo of my brother Louie after his car accident.
There was a guy in accident with him which I believe was his cousin Richard Cerrone III.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Disney Princess Mulan

I just play around with background.

It wasn't easy to find good picture of Mulan.

Password: Mallory

Saturday, March 1, 2008


I'm busy lately... please do not worry. I just got my result from exam at college. Only 2 wrong out of 24 questions.... got 26 points for it. Honestly, I do not know what grade it is. I am not used to points system.

When I find time, I will make paper of Princess Mulan. Hmmm... that reminds me one more... I think Pocahontas. That will be last paper of the Princess series.

Any other suggestion? Maybe holiday Disney paper like I did with Thanksgiving and Christmas...

Or some TV shows? I just try to think of ideas to make.